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It’s not a dry spell; it’s the Desert.

photo 3

Judging a tequila for a story. The notebook makes it Official Business.

I live in the desert and I refuse to leave because it does wonders for my allergies. Fortunately, I live on the border, married a Mexican, and now have a little girl and a baby boy.

Picket fences, however, look silly in xeriscaping.

I do communications at a library, but I don’t have a library science degree, so don’t offend our local librarians by calling me one.

However, I freelance write, where I sometimes get paid to have whiskey and coke while listening to a band play. I write regularly for the Las Cruces Sun-News, but you can also catch me in Las Cruces Bulletin, Las Cruces Magazine, SuCasa Magazine, and Southwest Senior.

I enjoy more tequila than I should, but find that it does not help my photography skills. That said, it sometimes helps my writing.

Email me at cassiemcclure AT gmail DOT com.

Check out my sometimes updated Twitter: @TheCMcClure


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